What is A Duvet Cover?

What is A Duvet Cover?

Published by Denee Gilman on 11th Jun 2017

This morning I looked at my bed and decided it needed some sprucing up. I was feeling fancy, so out I went to splurge on luxury bed linens for my bedroom makeover. I settled on a new linen duvet cover, ah, that would do the trick, just enough to give my bed a pop of luxury and instant style refresh. Imagine my surprise when Edna, the cheerful salesperson, at my high-end retail store (you know the one…begins with “N”), looked blankly at me when I asked her where I could find the linen duvet covers. “What’s a duvet cover?” she asked.

Hmmm, that was unexpected. I did not see that coming. However, it seems like there’s quite a bit of confusion out there about duvets and duvet covers. Ever eager to help advance the cause of educating the masses, I decided to rush to create this blog post. Ok, where was I? Ah yes, Let me begin with the duvet. Imagine a very large down and feather pillow, large enough to cover your entire bed. Viola, that’s basically a duvet. A more formal definition from Google reads: “a soft quilt filled with down, feathers, or a synthetic fiber, used instead of an upper sheet and blankets.” With that bit settled, can you guess what a duvet cover is? You guessed it; a duvet cover is basically huge pillow case that covers the duvet, providing style and an additional layer of comfort.

I love the versatility that of duvet and duvet cover combinations, because unlike say quilts or comforters, you can change covers, which makes it possible to quickly and easily refresh your bed style. Imagine you have an awesome pair of shoes and you slip covers over them to change the up the look to match your outfit or your mood. This is what duvet covers do; you can change the covers to instantly refresh the style of your bed, and give your bedroom some pep and personality. The possibilities are endless, California casual? Go for a washed linen duvet cover with matching shams, coastal luxury more your style? How about a striped duvet cover in coastal colors?

Fresh from my quick primer on duvet covers, a newly confident Edna, took command of my search for the perfect duvet cover for my summer bedroom refresh? Which fabric should I choose? I wondered aloud. Edna made my decision easy by informing me that lovely washed linen duvet cover and sham on the display bed was on sale at a sizable 30% discount. Well, how perfect I thought, let me check the Marcel Miller website for a bit of comparison shopping. Despite the tempting offer, I decided to purchase the Marcel miller linen duvet and a pair of matching shams. Hey, I love a deal, but a linen duvet cover lasts a lifetime. So, I went for a brand that’s known for crafting exceptional quality linen bedding. However, I did pick up a new pair of down and feather insets for my new Marcel Miller linen shams. I thanked Edna for her help and hurried off to my next errand. 

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