Tanguis cotton

Tanguis cotton

16th Mar 2017

The story of Tanguis cotton began in 1901 with Fermin Tanguis, an innovative agriculturalist, who sought to save the cotton industry in Peru, which was being decimated “cotton blight”. After a decade of experimentation, Tangüis had a resounding breakthrough with the successful development of a superior extra long staple, white cotton that grows an incredible six times per year (most cottons grow on an annual cycle) and requires far less water. Tanguis cotton is highly desirable for its combination of eco-friendly benefits and luxury appeal. Its uniform, highly absorbent fibers, and exceptionally strong fibers makes tanguis cotton a favorite of artisans and hand loom weavers. Is you’re lucky enough to own a super soft handmade cotton blanket; it’s likely made of 100% tanguis cotton. Beyond the pure comfort of the Tanguis cotton blanket experience, undyed, 100% tanguis cotton is hypoallergenic, very breathable, and highly absorbent, which makes it perfect for baby blankets, and bedding for just about anyone with textile allergies or sensitive skin. Be advised, luxury and comfort of the caliber of Tanguis cotton, does not come cheap. 100% Tanguis cotton blankets and bedding can be very expensive, but, pure luxury that lasts is well worth the investment.

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