Style Guide - The Classic Cable Knit

Style Guide - The Classic Cable Knit

Published by Denee Gilman on 11th Jun 2017

The classic cable knit is a delightful knit design that originated on the Aran Islands, located off the coast of Ireland. On these islands, women artisans developed a style knitted suitable for crafting heavy sweaters. The earliest cable knit designs featured crisscrossing stitches or “cables” inspired by bulky marine ropes preferred by fishermen and boat captains. These early cable knit design were not only beautiful, but functional as well. The interlocking cable knits created extra-warmth and water resistance, which made the original Aran sweaters perfect for coastal living and cold climates.

Cable-knit designs slowly found heir way into the world of fashion and design. Leading designers like Ralph Lauren added to the popularity of the style by incorporating it into their collections of sweaters and knitwear, including the now iconic Ralph Lauren cable knit polo sweaters and numerous cable knit accessories. It wasn’t long before home fashion designers adopted the venerable style. Long associated with warmth and nautical style, cable designs have become a popular home textile trend. The trend can be spotted in chunky cable knit blankets and cozy  throw pillows.


How fitting; the cable-knit design first prized for its warmth and distinctive style has risen from humble beginnings to become an iconic design. Marcel Miller’s luxurious cable-knit throws and blankets continue the illustrious legacy of the icon cable knit design.

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