Luxury Knit Blankets - Care Tips

Luxury Knit Blankets - Care Tips

Published by Sue Ann on 11th Jun 2017

Marcel Miller luxury knit throws and blankets are crafted with love and craftsmanship by f artisans, who have perfected their craft over decades. The result is the fine quality knit throw blankets that you have come to know and love. We will readily admit that our luxury knit throw blankets are high-maintenance. To keep you cozy and warm for years to come, they need some TLC. We are here to help you keep your luxury blankets as soft and silky as the day you bought them. Follow our care tips below:

Care Tips

  • Be sure to read the labels and follow the care instructions. Most people pay more attention to the labels on their clothes. However, given the price you’re likely to pay to purchase cashmere and other fine knit throw blankets, we suggest you invest the few minutes it takes to read and follow the care instructions.
  • Cotton and even cashmere-cotton blended blankets are generally machine-washable. However, as a general rule, you should avoid machine washing cashmere and other fine woolen fabrics.
  • Avoid harsh chemical cleaners – fine fabrics are very delicate and can be easily damaged by chemical detergents. We recommend using a gentle linen and cashmere wash, which is clean the delicate fibers without excessive drying.
  • Storage is also an important factor in keeping your luxury linens looking their best for years to come. Ensure that your blankets are kept in a breathable container, such as a linen storage bag. Make sure you wash before putting them away as this will help keep moths away.
  • Avoid dryers, this is one of the most common sources of damage to fine blankets – the excessive heat can dry out the natural oils that give cashmere and other fine wools the sheen and silky texture we all love. Instead of drying in a dryer, we recommend laying your blanket to dry. Rolling the blanket in a large towel will ensure your luxury blanket will look its best after laundering and drying.

Our luxury knit throws are delicate and need love and care to look their best for years and years. With a bit attention to details and some TCL, these luxuries will provide a lifetime of sumptuous softness and warmth. 

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