The story of Marcel Miller brand began 1999 during my first eco-adventure trip to Peru. A chance visit to a venerable artisan workshop opened my eyes to a world handcrafted items. Awed by the beauty and craftsmanship one-of-a-kind handmade blankets and textiles, I left Peru inspired. In 2005 I forged a partnership with the artisans and launched Marcel Miller. Our first creation, a collection of handmade blankets and throws, featured pure Peruvian Tanguis cotton, won critical acclaim and a loyal following.
Over the years, Marcel Miller has grown from a single collection of handmade blanket and throws into distinctive line beautifully crafted, handmade blankets, bedding, and accessories. Each handcrafted one-of-a-kind piece expresses true artisanal style and the authentic luxury of the finest natural linens.


Marcel Miller strives to create beautiful artisan-crafted, personal handmade luxury bedding and linens that indulge people with the unique sense of comfort and style of authentically handmade items. Central to our mission, is our ethical collaboration with global communities of master artisan, whose creativity and craftsmanship makes it possible for us to realize and share our vision of purely handcrafted.



Crafted is about people pursuing their passion. At Marcel Miller, craftsmanship takes the form of beautiful handmade blankets and fine bed linens, crafted with care for our environment and fair returns to the people who craft them. Our ethical collaboration with our supplier-partners and your loyalty to ethical brands helps to keep these global artisan communities vibrant and provide inspiration to the next generation of aspiring artisans.


Sustainability is deeply rooted in our culture. Today, almost all our blankets and bed linens are ethically sourced from artisans and select suppliers who share our commitment to eco-friendly production and sustainable use of natural material. By practicing eco-friendly production methods, we take special care to minimize our carbon footprint.


In many of our global communities, gender-based income inequality is a key issue. To address this serious social problem, we made empowerment of female artisans a key pillar of our sourcing strategy. In Peru, for example, we work exclusively with women’s co-op and women owned and operated businesses partners, such as Wayra, who pay women the same salaries as men and train women artisans to startup and operate their own business. To date, programs such as Wayra’s have benefitted hundreds of women in Peru.

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