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Winter is fast approaching and we want you to stay warm and cozy to get the best night sleep. So, what's the best bedding to keep you warm on those cold winter nights? The answer is it depends…well of course it does (duh). It depends on personal taste and preferences, which obviously varies a lot. Nevertheless, you came to the right place. To help narrow your choices, here are our expert recommendations:

Heavy Cotton Blanket

Cotton is our favorite bedding fabric period. When in doubt, always choose cotton blankets. Cotton’s unmatched combination of softness, warmth, and relatively inexpensive pricing makes it our go-to all-seasons bedding staple. For winter, however, we recommend a heavy, tightly woven cotton blanket for added warmth.

Quilt (Quilted Coverlet)

On very cold nights, pile on the layers. We recommend layering on a quilted coverlet, which works wonderfully, providing just the right balance of warmth and comfort. Quilts, as they are commonly called, are very versatile bedding essentials. They layer beautifully with sheets, and blankets, creating the layers of warmth that's ideal for those frigid winter nights. For an extra touch of luxury, bypass the cotton coverlets and splurge on a silk quilt instead. You will love its light and oh so cozy texture.

Cozy up!